Negativity: Migraine Disease Bashers: Invisible Chronic Illness Community is adding to Stigma

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It saddens me to think that everyone that is in the Invisible Chronic Illness Community, that includes Chronic Migraine Disease as well, do not band together to get the true issue out about what is fact and fiction when it comes to someone from the outside touting that “alternative” therapies are the “only” treatment for a known Neurological and Genetic Disease of Migraines. I have struggled with this disease for over 25 years and have tons of research as I’ve had to in many cases be an educator for my Neurologists and PCP‘s as they still as of today don’t have a clue as to what is going on with Migraines. Many doctors do not get skilled teaching on Migraine Disease as it is such a complex Disease requiring a lot of time, effort and research. And there are many different types of Migraines as well, so to get correctly diagnosed and treated properly can take years. There is no “one size fits all” diagnosis or protocol for any one patient. But the fact remains clear, those who do suffer Chronic Migraine Disease do need pharmaceutical intervention in ADDITION to alternative to make a well-rounded approach to the care of everyone who suffers from this terrible disease.

No one ever once stated that Aromatherapy was not a good treatment. It was only pointed out that when a “sales person” was promoting a product she sells as the “only” solution was where the problem began. And again, I cannot stress it enough, as with any other chronic disease or illness there is NO one size fits all answer and there are more pieces to the puzzle than just essential oils. I have on some of my past blogs where I have noted I use alternative treatments as well. We all do. But it’s part of the “complete” regimen and does not replace medical care as this person professes.

ALL of us, myself included, do practice healthy living-eating right, avoiding dietary triggers, exercise, physical therapy, massage therapy, cognitive therapy, Chiropractic, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Bio-Feedback-to name a few. We all have tried and do use aromatherapy when it’s tolerated. We all have tried and use different muscle rubs on the head, temples, neck and scalp to help reduce pain-those are alternative therapies, as is using ice packs, heating pads, bed of nails mat, Chillo‘s, cooling patches-all again are alternative therapies-we all do anything and everything possible to try to stop the pain. But we use all these things in ADDITION to preventive RX medication and RX abortive medications prescribed by a qualified physician. Everyone I have come across, and myself included, have tried just about every alternative therapy known and then some, as well as trying all types of medications to try to manage, stall and abort a Migraine Attack. When all approaches fail we often have to resort to emergency intervention, be it the dreaded ER or to get into an infusion center, or have our doctor call in a cycle-buster. I am not a lazy, incompetent, self-serving, attention seeking Migraine Disease Sufferer. I have fought and battled this beast for many years and will continue to do so. I have spoken out in the past when approached with a Stigmatizing statement and will continue to do so. If someone reading this doesn’t like it then it’s your problem, not mine. I will continue to investigate, research and blog on what is medically sound information. If you don’t agree you can offer your own Medical and Scientific research to dispute that.

It is nice to be able to go into support groups and be supported for a Chronic Disease. People always have opinions that differ, but that does not mean people have to be mean, nasty, hateful and disagreeable. Especially when someone is SUPPORTING the cause, not fighting against it. This part I do not understand and never will. All Chronic Disease have a Neurological factor. They just don’t appear out of thin air for no rhyme nor reason. Like cancer, we know some forms are genetic. Is anyone going to dispute that as well and say the “only” way to cure it is with aromatherapy. While it may soothe it cannot and will not banish those nasty cancer cells. For that you need trained medical intervention. The same with Migraine Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and many more diseases. If you’re not being treated correctly you need to shop for another doctor who will. You just don’t sit there and settle and not try to get better. You have to fight with all your might and all your worth.

We also know that it is neurological and it is genetic. I can paste the webpages yet again from well-known institutions that support this fact. But again this is all getting to be so repetitive. If you cannot support the correct education of what this disease is then you should not promote anything. I’m for the truth, will remain truthful and tell nothing but the truth. Some people cannot understand that concept but that is what I’m about.

In closing I’d like to wish all of you-Chronic Illness Community and all those who do and do not agree, a low pain day and sending you Blessings to you all as I do not wish to be a disagreeable person. I just merely want to present the facts and share the truth in this Disease. I do not lead people astray.