Headache Disorder & Migraine Blog Carnival July 2013: Share your tips & tricks for having fun during your vacation despite the limits imposed by Migraine & Headache Disorders.


Share your tips & tricks for having fun during your vacation despite the limits imposed by Migraine & Headache Disorders.

Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival July 2013

It is a rare opportunity to be pain-free long enough to have some real fun, but usually our vacations are home based. My husband will take his vacation time from work and putter around the house or his play house the pole barn working on his street rod. We will go out and do errands and shopping and if my head feels up to it we will watch a movie either on Netflix or a DVD we bought. I will work on weeding the flower bed-the weeds seem to grow better and faster than my plants do! We play with the dogs and get their vaccinations and health care caught up as that is very important.

Our last “real” vacation was 3 years ago. We went to the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and stayed in a rented cabin in the foothills of the mountains in Pigeon Forge. It was so beautiful there. Breathtaking actually. The scenery was magnificent from the mountain tops. One day we braved a hiking tour to Chimney Top Rock. Big mistake for me! I did not have proper hiking boots, well neither did my husband, and it was a grueling hike even though at the time we were both active in exercise. The path was steep, rocky and several tree roots were in the pathway. But we were stubborn and instead of turning back we kept going. It took almost 3 hours to get to the top. But the view was worth it. We were only up there for maybe 15-20 min and suddenly it turned cool, cloudy and started to drizzle, so we tried to carefully but rapidly make our descent down this steep trail and not slip on the rocks or trip over the tree roots. We were soaked by the time we got back to the car and I had a hard time walking for the rest of the week, my feet and legs were so sore. Would I do it again? I don’t know. I think I’d have to really train hard for that one for quite a while. That was day 1 of our trip into the mountains. We went through a few tunnels on our trip and that was nice.


We did some local sight-seeing and went into a few stores. They had a classic old Chevy car show and cruise down the main strip and that was pretty cool. Our 2nd trip into the mountains we stopped off at some of the pull off sections on the steep winding roads to take in the views. Twisting, turning, climbing steeper until we got to the top and then the decline down. We ended up in Cherokee SC. When we were in the mountain tops it was chilly and cloudy. Once we got to the bottom it was warm and muggy, so the top of the convertible came down. We stopped and went on a self guided tour through an old mill and got a demonstration on how it was used for grain many years ago. It was important I kept my abortive meds with me at all times and stayed hydrated. I was surprised that the altitude seemed to not bother me, but I kept prepared just in case. And because we had our own cabin with a fully equipped kitchen and a grill on the deck, we went to a local grocery store and was able to prepare quick and safe foods. We did go out to eat and the one place we favored was Outback Steakhouse as they listen to your concerns about food additives and they will tell you if it’s in there or not. So far I’ve not had a problem eating there. But for the most part we made our own meals and took safe snacks with us when we ventured into the mountains.


There were several streams along the way and there was even one we had to cross to get to our cabin. I really wanted to see the waterfalls but they were in the opposite direction on a different trail that we never had a chance to take 😦  I hope when we get to go again we go that way and then we might see some bear and other wildlife that live in the park.


It was a wonderful visit and I’d love to go back there soon. I wish I could find all my photos I took and post them. My PC crashed last summer and I’m afraid I lost a lot of data 😦

8 thoughts on “Headache Disorder & Migraine Blog Carnival July 2013: Share your tips & tricks for having fun during your vacation despite the limits imposed by Migraine & Headache Disorders.

    • I loved it there. The scenery was so breathtaking. I’m a fanatic for mountain scenery to begin with and I’ve always wanted to go. I want to go again! Heck I’d move there given a chance if I can have a secluded cabin in the foothills 🙂

    • IT was a good decision to go, Migraines and all. I just had to make sure I planned ahead and had all my abortive as well as preventive meds. I want to go again, Maybe sometime soon…………..

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