Chronically Ill and Fickle Men


Just when you think you can’t get hurt anymore! Your so-called husband of 33+years (Theodore Robert Schreiber the Skunk), since MAY 21st 1982, has gone above & beyond on all his Social Media Outlets: LinkedIn, Google+, FB, and his private Gmail account to make sure there is absolutely been NO mention of being married NOR a name of his spouse, that be me! When I confronted him with that information today, or rather yesterday when I did my investigation, he was of course on the defensive & said it was quote “NOBODY’S business if he was married or not”! Unquote! But he freely listed the multiple real estate properties he listed. He sure is proud of those trophy’s!

That would lead this lowly wife to 1 of 3 conclusions.
1. He’s too embarrassed to admit he’s married to ME because I’ve never been good enough for him in his eyes!
2. He’s keeping his options open for a new girlfriend should he find a right one, making himself feel less guilty by convincing himself he’s ” not that married ” after all.
3. He’s keeping himself as emotionally detached as possible making extramarital affairs more guilt free and more accessible to him by making his profiles as “single”

So I’m trying to get out of this why in the hell is he doing this to me! Putting me through this hell! If he really doesn’t want to be married just Divorce me & be done with it! If your that dam unhappy then why drag it out!

So as soon as I’m feeling a little bit better I guess I will have to be an adult and be the one to file for the divorce! God forbid I keep someone married to me that is just too dammed ashamed to want to admit that to the public! And if he’s afraid admitting being married will scare off future “conquests” then the a-hole had no business being married in the 1st place!

He has been a total waste of the last 33+ years of my life. He has ruined all 33+ yrs; of those years that I will never get back! I haven’t been leading a double life, screwing who I please, guilt free. All this time I could have been with someone else that could have truly loved and cared for me & visa versa! Instead I get emotional & verbal abuse, torment, lies, secrets & infidelity! How many chronically ill people in the middle of a horrible pain attack get to look forward to hearing from their dearly beloved as they come storming home from work, screaming at the top of their lungs when they know a whisper is painful to hear “Get off your Fat, Useless, Lazy Ass and do Something, all you do is Lay in Bed all Day and do Nothing and I have to go to Work and Support your Useless Lazy Ass”!! Lost track how many times I’ve heard that from 2010 to early 2015 while he was anxiously pushing me to go to Arizona as I wasn’t ” doing enough ” in his mind to help myself get better. He wanted me out of state so he could have an easier time to CHEAT! That’s when his text-a-thon happened! 5 days before my Forced departure! He never gave a dam about my health before. Until it would get me out of town and give him more freedom!

He wants freedom, get a Divorce! Instead, he wants to hurt!! Lie, cheat and hurt. Then lay all the blame at MY feet when I get pissed off and blow my gasket at a man that has broken every marriage vow how many times over and made ME out to be the biggest fool and hurt ME in the worse way possible!!

But for some reason, everybody loves a cheater! Everyone supports a cheater! Everyone will back a cheater! The wronged wife is just SOL!! Even my own daughter who should know better support’s her dad. I guess she wants me to have a good dose of the same medicine. Misery loves company they say.

And he’s changed his recent story 4x & puts the blame on ME!! BULL FRICKING CRAP!! NOT MY FAULT HE CANT KEEP HIS LIES STRAIGHT!!

I didn’t deserve this rotten, unhappy life I’ve been unfairly given! I remain faithful and look at my payback! Some payback! Treated like a doormat! But not much longer! Ready to call it quits! I’ve had enough of this rotten BS!!

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