it has been brought to our attention that a twitter account has been making accusations that Chronic Migraine Disease is “not” a neurological disorder when in fact it has been confirmed that not only is it, but it’s also genetic and is more than “just” a run of the mill typical headache. This person has enraged several on the CMA community and her claims need to be put to a stop. We have tweeted her and you can pick up on the conversation if you follow me @jgs350 as the bulk of the conversation has been posted today  6-21-13. For legality purposes I cannot post her website or her twitter handle, but if you follow mine you can find it if she has not deleted it. But she has directed a few migraine sufferers to her site which only promotes “beauty” products to stop aging after the age of 40???? How is this to help Migraine Disease? But then she said it was NOT a Neurological disorder, and when confronted what she knows about CMA she would not respond.

Some people use alternative therapies in ADDITION to their medically prescribed preventive and abortive medications. Alternative therapies alone are not a cure for Chronic Migraine Disease.

I hope you do have the chance to go on Twitter and check it out and bombard her with the correct medical information on what Chronic Migraine Disease really is. People like this, selling snake oil and putting the name of Migraine to it has got to stop. I know a lot of people in the CMA community will respond appropriately.  People like this have got to be stopped. They add to the stigma of Migraine Disease. It’s not Inflammation, it’s neurological. People like this really bring out the anger in us true sufferers and due to the recent tragic loss of a CMA member we cannot let this continue.




    • Thank you Teri. People need to be called into account when they are online touting what basically boils down to “snake oil” and misleading others into a false belief about Chronic Migraine Disease. Blessings to you for a pain free day. Julie

      • It gets me riled up. We are not a bunch of mindless pill poppers, we do take care of ourselves and we’ve all tried countless alternative therapies but when they fail we have no option but to resort to prescriptions and procedures. She may not have had true Migraine Disease or a mild form of Tension Headaches since she’s creating so many by claiming Migraine Disease is “NOT” Neurological! I’m glad so many are responding to her. Maybe she’ll think next time. Or maybe not. Some people you just cannot teach the truth to as they don’t care to listen. She’s selling a product so all she cares about is money, money, money. Thank you again Teri. Sending you many Blessings. Julie.

  1. Although it’s true that inflammation can play a significant role in Migraine, this person seems busy trying to sound like she knows what she’s talking about, misleading vulnerable patients and their loved ones. For chronic Migraine patients who are desperate, this can be downright dangerous. I’m glad many are holding her accountable. I will add my voice as well ❤

    • It’s like I told Teri: It gets me riled up. We are not a bunch of mindless pill poppers, we do take care of ourselves and we’ve all tried countless alternative therapies but when they fail we have no option but to resort to prescriptions and procedures. She may not have had true Migraine Disease or a mild form of Tension Headaches since she’s creating so many by claiming Migraine Disease is “NOT” Neurological! I’m glad so many are responding to her. Maybe she’ll think next time. Or maybe not. Some people you just cannot teach the truth to as they don’t care to listen. She’s selling a product so all she cares about is money, money, money. And she is misleading people-Migraine Patients and their families. That is NOT right. Thank you again Ellen for your support. Sending you many blessings. Julie

  2. I have some more information on this. I received the tweet from Ms. Wilson the other day, and I’ve since contacted the company that she sells M-Grain for. I have the ‘chat’ saved in pdf format. If anyone is interested, let me know.

    • I have this approved on my page so they can contact you for that info. I will PM you. Thank you again for bringing this to light so she can be called into account. People like this need to be stopped because they are leading people astray. Blessings to you. Julie

  3. Wow! Just…WOW! I asked my neurologist about the things you discussed here and he said that Migraines are debilitating. BUT it isn’t classified as a disease but a syndrome (collection of symptoms) brought on by other issues within the body. While the pain occurs neurologically, its not always considered so AND he says it is not a proven fact that it is genetic. In fact, there is no proof of this. The fact that you all are attacking someone, even if you don’t agree with them, is soo far into left field I am shocked. My MS support and tumor support peeps are all bashing you people. Alternative means of healthy living may not be what you like, it may not be promoting the storyline you like to portray about your issues, but if you don’t like it..then publish your version yourself. The hate has turned so many people against you. What a load of hate filled people you are. Spread information, promote education, support each other, provide a positive outlet of hope…but if this is what you are…stay so far away from the rest of us as possible!

    • We are not attacking anyone. We do not agree w/a person’s view that the ONLY solution to managing and “curing” Migraines are Essential Oils. That is false and misleading information. And this comes from a questionable person selling products from a less than stellar site: We all agree that “alternative” methods are great as a “complimentary” approach to a well-rounded Migraine Treatment regimen, but we do not agree that it’s not neurological and can only be treated w/Essential Oils.

      Apparently, in all due respect, neither you nor your neurologist have done your research nor studied about Migraines and their nature. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke one of many reputable sites, it does state it’s genetic Quoting their medical backed evidence: Researchers believe that migraine is the result of fundamental strong>neurological abnormalities caused by genetic mutations at work in the brain. New models are aiding scientists in studying the basic science involved in the biological cascade, genetic components and mechanisms of migraine. Please feel free to read this link and maybe take it to your doctor:

      And according to the Migraine Research Foundation, also a reputable medical site it’s also classified as a Neurological Disorder:

      According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system. Barriers to effective care
      Lack of knowledge among health-care providers is the principal clinical barrier. Worldwide, on average only four hours of undergraduate medical education are dedicated to instruction on headache disorders. The minority of individuals with headache disorders worldwide are professionally diagnosed; 40% for those with migraine and TTH, while for MOH it is only 10%.
      Poor awareness extends to the general public. Headache disorders are not perceived by the public as serious since they are mostly episodic, do not cause death, and are not contagious. The low consultation rates in developed countries may indicate that many sufferers are unaware that effective treatments exist. 50% of people with headache are estimated to be self-treating.

      UCI also points out the Neurological Factor:

      The Cleveland Clinic shows how Migraines are hereditary: To Quote their research findings: Migraines tend to run in families – that is, they are hereditary. Approximately 70% of people who have migraines also have an immediate family member (mother, father, sister or brother) who suffers, or may have suffered, from migraines in their childhood. Migraines cause a person to experience significant discomfort and disability, but they do not usually cause damage to the body. (Cleveland Clinic is also a Nationally Recognized Medical Foundation.

      According to the Stanford Headache Clinic they are hereditary, to quote: In most cases, the short answer is yes. It is very unusual to find migraine headaches in someone without any family history of migraine. Also to quote: For the vast majority of people, migraine is a genetic disease – it runs in families. It probably represents an overly sensitive response by the brain to changes in the environment (internal or external). The second question – what causes an individual attack is better understood.

      And from MAGNUM (Migraine Awareness Group): After a century of society and the medical community blaming Migraines on their sufferers, advanced technology and the age of information gave us the knowledge to begin to understand this debilitating disease. However, dangerous and outdated myths surrounding the Migraine disease have not yet been dispelled on a widespread basis. Not only are such myths believed by many loved ones and co-workers of those with Migraines, but by those with Migraines themselves (Migraineurs). Furthermore, such myths continue to be unwittingly reported in the media. The Migraine disease is a serious health and disability problem that affects approximately 32 million Americans, most of whom are women, with up to 38 million Americans having Migraine genetic propensity. There is no known cure for the Migraine disease, only treatments for the symptoms. Furthermore, such treatments are not yet wholly effective and Migraineurs may show a diminished tolerance to a variety of medications, treatments, and pain management regiments. (and also from MAGNUM) Migraine is a genetically-based disease. We first learned this in the mid-90’s, as it was specifically stated in correspondence with M.A.G.N.U.M. by Dr. Stephen J. Peroutka, M.D., Ph.D., President & CEO of Spectra Biomedical, Inc., a group of research physicians dedicated to understanding the genetic basis of Migraine and other illnesses, the “data are unequivocal: Migraine is a genetically-based illness. Individuals with a single parent having Migraine have approximately a 50% chance of having Migraine. This susceptibility is neither psychological nor induced by environmental causes.” (Also from WHO) Migraine can induce a host of serious physical conditions: strokes, aneurysms, permanent visual loss, severe dental problems, coma and even death. Twenty-seven percent of all strokes suffered by persons under the age of 45 are caused by Migraine. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in this country. In addition, twenty-five percent of all incidents of cerebral infarction were associated with Migraines, according to the Mayo clinic. Most recently the British Medical Journal reported that after evaluating 14 major Migraine & stroke studies in the U.S. and Canada that Migraineurs are 2.2 times greater risk for stroke than the non-migraine population. That

      I could go on all morning and post sites that back up our defense. Migraine Disease is NO
      T to be taken lightly and there needs to be more education on the severity, mechanisims and proper care for Migraine Patients. I have spent several years advocating better education and treatment and I do take offense at your attack. If you can send me a few “Medical and Scientific” factual based sites that prove our case wrong, please feel free to do so.

      And by the way if you do not believe Migraines are Neurological then why are you seeking treatment from a Neurologist instead of a PCP-GP????

      Thank you for your interesting debate and point of view. I will be sure to share it with my Chronic Awareness Group who backs the same documented information.

      I hope you have a low pain day. Julie

    • I’m so sorry, but migraine is genetic. I have it. My dad had it. My grandmother had it. And now, my precious daughter and son has it.

      • I’m so sorry. My mom and dad had it, now my sister and myself have it. I can totally empathize with what you are dealing with and suffering with. On my Blog I have promoted “alternatives” to go with my prescribed medications to treat my Chronic Migraines. I have not kept that a secret and have promoted it. But Aromatherapy is an “additional” alternative and not a replacement as it was indicated in the posting that started all this. June is Migraine Awareness Month and we Chronic Migraine Sufferers need to get the word out that doctors, patients and the public need to be more educated because Migraines are grossly underdiagnosed and improperly treated. I pray you and your family can get the proper medical care needed to control this terrible disease. NO ONE deservers to suffer so much. Sending you Dreama, Prayers, hugs and love. Blessings. Julie

      • Dreama, I hate to hear that. Same thing in my family – my mother and grandmother had it. Then there are several family members on my dad’s side. Two of my 3 adult children have it. One of them is suffering greatly right now and while I won’t publicly post the specifics in order to protect this person’s privacy, MRIs of the brain can show just how much neurological damage migraines do – because they are neurological and I’ve yet to meet one migraine sufferer who doesn’t have several family members and of course – we all know and talk to many, many migraine sufferers on a daily basis.

        I also don’t get the point of this person arguing to say it’s not genetic. There are much better ways to get sales than to do what she is doing. I also don’t understand why one would be treated by a neuro if said neuro said migraine is not a neurological disease. That would be like going to a cardiologist for a broken leg. I don’t like to call people liars, but either this was a very poorly trained neuro this person posted about, or the poster misunderstood……..or simply made it up. Also, this is the first person I’ve met who ever said such things. The fact that migraine is genetic is not something new, neither is the fact that it is a neurological disease.

        Now I want to take all my essential oils and throw them out. I’m worried that they may be harmful since we all know the information this person is posting is absolutely 100% incorrect.

  4. “While the pain occurs neurologically, its not always considered so: – yes I can vision a doctor saying something so nonsensical and I steer clear of those types. I find it hard to believe a neuro would say that, but maybe that neuro specializes in other things besides migraine. It’s always good to know your facts before you ask your doctor, then you know if you have a doctor who can be trusted. These are not ideas we thought of over night. These are well established medical facts from reputable sources and links were posted by credible sources. Also, this is basic migraine information, Migraine 101. “AND he says it is not a proven fact that it is genetic. In fact, there is no proof of this” < That made no sense at all. One of the posters here teaches migraine patients how to use alternative therapies, including essential oils. No one is saying they can't help. There is no one size fits all for migraine treatment and if there were, you wouldn't need to go to a neuro. In fact if it wasn't a neuro disease, you wouldn't go to a neuro for treatment. To assume that the only healthy living is to do exactly the same as one person does, is ludicrous. To assume that none of us here use alternative therapy is ludicrous. I believe all of the posters here do even use essential oils, among other alternative therapies. An ice pack is alternative therapy. Meditation, biofeedback – the list goes on. Also, I find it hilarious that the now 2 people that have posted assume we are all against healthy living. Yet none of us have said that. Seems to be that the definition of healthy living means using one particular brand of essential oils, drinking water with said oils infused in them and shadowing the person that started with this and live exactly like they do. It's a read flag when anybody, including medical professionals try to say there is only one thing that will work for a syndrome, condition, illness, what have you. In this ever increasing world of allergies, what a mess we would be in if that were true.

    Finally, consider this. While in the throes of a migraine, many people, in addition to light and sound sensitivity, also have nausea and vomiting and sensitivity to smell. While I use Essential Oils, during those times, I avoid scents because at that time they are further aggravating the migraine. Walk into any headache specialist office and you will see signs warning patients not to wear perfumes for the sake of other migraine patients. At the same time, many of those doctors will okay aromatherapy as an adjunct to therapy, if the patient wishes to try.

    One person who helps people live a healthy life as she put it to me (sells the product we are talking about) even understands this is a neurological disease. She understands about hemiplegic migraines, with aura and migraines without aura and the difference between episodic and chronic migraine. With all the different migraines there are, and all the comorbidities that there are with migraine, it stands to reason that a multi-level approach is the best result. She did provide me with the name of the man who started this company and when you google him, it makes for an interesting read, and if you want to discuss lack of scientific background from someone who can't even get a license for a naturopath, we can do that. There are many, many companies out there ready to help. As with anything else, there are companies ready to take advantage. If those companies hate me – like Winston Churchill says – Good! That means I've stood up for something.

    • Bonna, this goes back to my post, if ME would take the time to read it, about my tips and tricks for dealing with Migraine Disease and how all in the ICI need to be supportive. We cannot just sit back and watch people INCORRECTLY labeling Migraine Disease as NOT Neurological and NOT Genetic when sound scientific evidence the past few years have proven those theories wrong-it may cause SOME inflammation but it is a NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE that is why it affects the WHOLE body and not just “head pain”. People that like to bash us for standing up to erroneous posts that can mislead people and could have tragic consequences is sickening to me. It just goes to show how deep the stigma runs when your own in the ICI Community attack you for standing up for what is right. I will continue to stand up for what is right and like any other blog or posting, if you don’t like what I say then pass by it. Otherwise they need to get more education and documentation to prove us and science wrong. I’ve spent years studying this and I strongly believe in being a patient advocate. If those out there don’t want to hear it then it’s their own loss. Thank you Bonna for lending your voice. Blessings to you for a pain free day. Julie

      • Thanks Julie. Someone very near and dear to me is struggling greatly right now, and has me very worried. So I absolutely agree with you. In all my years and many neuros and the neuros who provide care for my loved one, the one thing they all agree on is that it is a genetic, neurological illness. I think this person may have migraine confused with tension headache or some other headache. Essential oils can help, but to say that’s all that’s needed would be like saying that’s all that’s needed for a cancer patient. And unfortunately, according to the web – that has happened to at least one woman with breast cancer. We simply are asking for realistic facts and proof of these outrageous claims. We’ve provided link after link after link. And yet all we get is an opinion, with nothing to back it up. I can’t stand the thought that things like this could lead to the death of one more desperate migraineur who just might go and get this product and be misled about what it can and cannot do. There is never a good reason to go against awareness campaigns. That’s a huge red flag. True migraineurs will be much more likely to buy a product when they see it is backed by facts and not fiction.

  5. i’ am also with it’s genetic since my grandma gets them, my dad, me, and my daughter and i’m glad if her treatment works for her yay but to go and say that this cures migraines sorry thats not likely the only thing it would be doing is preventing them or aborting them. As for her neuro saying it’s not neurological……i think she may need a new neuro cause if it wasn’t neurological she would not being seeing a neuro yes it’s that plain and simple. I would also like to see her post on how it isn’t neurological since all the symptoms i get point to it being a neurological illness/disease whatever you want to call it

    • I’m sorry Rose that it is so extensive in your family. No one should have to suffer such terrible pain. These people that attack & say it not neuro, its not genetic & only essential oils will cure them are very uneducated people w/their head stuck in the sand & don’t bother finding out the medical & scientific facts. No, they’d rather rant and attack us in return for being mean and attacking them to deflect from their uneducated & hate filled & biased point of view. Those types of people you will never get thru to because they are just not educated enough to know what the heck is going on. Those of us that care about our health and are proactive in our medical care take time to research, gather fact based science and try everything. Were not dimwitted pill popping addicts like many like to portray us as. And that goes w/all Invisible Chronic Illnesses-you must be educated and proactive in ALL aspects of your are. Sending you and your loved ones many prayers and hugs. My Blessings to you all. Please take care.

  6. I seriously doubt any MS group would think what ME posted. For one thing, TN is common among those with MS. TN is common with migraine. MS is sometimes treated with meds like neurontin, especially in beginning stages. Yes the name of that medicine sure gives a clue on what it works on. That same meds is also used to prevent migraines in some migraineurs. So are anti-epileptic drugs. Who would not understand that epilepsy is a neurological disease? Not many, I would hope and yet, researchers not only know that migraines are genetic and neurological, they also know that the part of the brain the causes epilepsy is proximate to the part of the brain that causes migraine. Some have seizures with migraine. People with migraines can have strokes. Obviously none of the ones who made their claims have ever had an aura or they didn’t connect it with the migraine they got soon after. If one can’t understand how aura is a neurological attack, then I give up on them ever understanding. I have another chronic pain problem which is also neurological in nature through my spinal cord. I am sorry to say I would not want to be part of a support group who bashed another group. ALL chronic pain sufferers should band together for awareness. And I’ve yet to read of said bashing we received.

    Oh – and for those of us with smell sensitivities and especially those of us who find that just the slightest smell can aggravate migraine:

  7. I doubt we’ll get a copy and paste, because that would be proof. Just like all the rest of it, there are no links of scientific evidence or medical evidence or research evidence to back it up – because none exists. I think all this was to try and rile us up. Notice there have been no more comments from ME. On the other hand one could develop as many profies as they want and come on and make comments, so that wouldn’t make me believe it either. I’ve yet to be bashed or see in, in the many groups I’m in. Nothing was said that was believable and I’m not falling for the bashing comment either. It would be silly to bash because we base our beliefs on facts that have been proven over and over again. We didn’t bash aromatherapy or essential oils, we just stated they aren’t the only thing that helps and that usually they only help. I would add though, if I haven’t already, that sometimes they make us worse because of smell sensitivity which is one of the neurological symptoms of migraine. It’s the same with other alternative therapies AND medications – some work or help some people, others they either don’t help or make things worth. This is simple common sense. I’d love to talk to said neuro though, but I’m not holding my breath to get a legitimate doctor’s name, either.

    • True. Some people though have their heads buried so deep in the sand that they don’t hear the truth and keep with their false notions and beliefs. I feel sorry for those types. I do use aromatherapy, but there are times when the sensitivity to smell is too extreme and only then I can sometimes tolerate just pure Essential Peppermint Oil to calm the nausea. All of us in the CMA community use tons of alternative methods to go along with our regular medical care. One does not work alone, it takes a combination. And we are NOT mindless pill poppers or drug seekers either.

      I have seen 4 neurologists since 2001 and not ONE of them said it was NOT Neurological. A few back then still believed it was started by inflammation but recent studies in the past few years prove that it is completely neurological in its process from beginning to end because it affects the WHOLE body, not just head pain. But we all know that because we’ve all done our research because we all try to be as educated as possible about our disease and try to look for new answers to escape this horrible pain.

      Thank you Bonna. Blessings to you for a pain free day. Julie

      • Today Show is to have a segment on migraine today around 830am eastern time. Their teaser said it was about a new development in migraine. I hope whoever is making up this stuff, listens. As long as it doesn’t promote their sales, they aren’t going to listen to anyone but the owner of the company. I doubt they even know his history. Any alternative therapy products I’ve bought, I’ve always researched the company. They have no regulations, so it behooves us to at least know the company and its owner(s) are reputable and have an adequate education, experience and background.

        And our education is never-ending! I would hate to be one to stick my head in the sand and not keep up with the latest developments. It’s been said that ME probably saw a neuro for MS – another words that perhaps ME wasn’t going to said neuro for migraine and all conjecture in trying to figure out if this person made this up or had a neuro who also had head in sand syndrome. Well, why would someone without migraine post here? And if they do have migraine, then I feel sorry for them having a neuro that doesn’t know the very basics. However, I do not feel sorry for someone spreading hate all in the name of selling an approximate $50 bottle of essential oils that does no more than what we’ve said – if that much. I have a friend who was given some as a gift and at least to her the smell was so strong and unpleasant, she couldn’t stand it. Might not be true for all of us, because we all respond differently.

        I’m going to keep on saying there is no ‘one size fits all therapy or treatment’ until they get it. Just like migraine symptoms are different, our bodies are different. There is no one treatment/medicine/therapy for any one thing as far as I know of. In all my years one thing I’ve learned – when you see ‘always or never’, more than often it is part of a false statement – especially when it is not backed up by facts. I did further research to find said bashing – still nothing to be found. We would have been shown it if there truly was any by now.

      • I also wanted to say that I’ve talked to the same person you have who sells that essential oil we are talking about and another one. Both use pill-popping and/or pill-poppers in their spiel about this product. Talk about stigma, preconceived notions, bashing and spreading hate. I would love to see the proof that we are all pill-popping drug seekers. And I don’t want to see them come back and say taking any pill is pill-popping. That slang term is used in conjunction with taking narcotics and drug seeking – for reasons other than what the medicine is intended for. Per Urban Dictionary:

        “pill popper
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        156 up, 138 down
        A pill popper is a certain type of drug addict who doesn’t care if they live or die and doesn’t care what they take. They’ll take muscle relaxers, opiates, amphetamines, benzos… anything in pill form. They enjoy the actual act of taking a pill and don’t much care about the effects. They should not be confused with people who take drugs that happen to be in pill form.”

      • My posts I have set up to go to Twitter automatically. We are NOT mindless pill poppers. If these people took the time to actually educate themselves in this disease and research our lifestyles they would see the truth, instead as you say they bash “us” and then cry foul when we call them out to prove them wrong. Talk about preconceived and non-factual bias on their part!!

        Blessings to you. Julie

      • Hi JGS – just wanted to say that part that said share on twitter, etc was just part of the copy paste. I see your posts on twitter. I hope we can get more involved in twitter – it is a great way to create awareness of facts and it looks to me as if the ones who won’t accept the truth and want to communicate misinformation in the name of making money are way ahead of us that way. I don’t wish to bash – but I care much more about my children who have migraines, my other family members and loved ones, my grandchildren who stand a very high chance of developing them and all of the migraine community then I do of some snake oil salesperson. And there – now I have bashed but the more we hear of this, I can’t help but see that is all they are. There is not one iota of care or concern towards migraine sufferers – just bashings, lies and hate – all in the name of the almighty dollar. They don’t care even that people are dying because of migraine. Which reminds me…. read this to see how non-adequate pain relief is taking lives, and not just by suicide.

  8. Facts About Migraine
    From the American Migraine Foundation

    What is migraine?

    Migraine is an inherited neurological disorder that is characterized by hyperexcitable brain networks that may be triggered by a variety of stimuli (e.g. alcohol, menstruation, fragrances, light glare), or become active spontaneously (even during sleep), leading to attacks.
    The attacks often begin with a premonitory phase that may be characterized by severe fatigue, increased urination, yawning, neck pain, or sensitivity to light, noise or odors.
    In one-third of sufferers, the attacks may proceed into an aura phase prior to onset of the headache. The most common type of aura consists of visual symptoms such as seeing flashing lights, squiggly lines, or losing vision in small areas of the visual field. The aura may also be associated with tingling/numbness on one side of the face and hand, and difficulty understanding or expressing speech.
    The headache phase of migraine is often moderate or severe in intensity, and can be extremely disabling for sufferers, painful enough to cause work loss and absence from activities with family and friends
    Head pain is often made worse with routine activities (e.g. walking, climbing stairs).
    In addition to headache, migraine attacks are often associated with increased sensitivity to environmental stimuli (e.g. lights, sounds, and odors), nausea or vomiting.
    Migraine attacks may also be associated with sinus pain or pressure, neck pain, dizziness, difficulty with concentration and mental processing, anxiety and other changes in mood.
    The final post-headache phase is characterized by fatigue, malaise, mood changes, difficulty with concentration, and head pain that may occur with movement, coughing or straining.
    Migraine headache typically lasts about 24 hours (range of 4 hours to 3 days). However, an attack includes all phases and from beginning to end, can last several days or more.
    Migraine – Whom does it affect?

    And if you read it, and look at the other links while you are there, you might find out why we get so upset when we hear untrained and uninformed voices saying that migraine is not a neurological or genetic disease. THOSE THAT ARE SAYING THIS ARE WRONG, DEAD WRONG AND PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM LACK OF ADEQUATE CARE. Sell your essential oils, but stop with the misinformation and the touting of a product to be the only way. BECOME FACTUAL AND HONEST – about all of it, including your founder and I personally will include how essential oils can sometimes help when a friend and I start our new blog hopefully in August about migraine, DEA, and adequate care.

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