#MHAMBC Migraine & Headache Awareness Month #19: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: Migraines & Mojo: How has living with Migraine/Headache Disorders affected your sex life?

June Migraine awareness month

Well, the spontaneity has diminished. As those that deal with Chronic Pain like Migraine Disease know all too well. The term “not tonight dear, I have a headache” is not in my vocabulary and I will not let it be. Some nights are worse than others and my husband has gone out of his way to be considerate and not push. But sometimes I push back stating on some nights “Hello there hubby” wink wink.

It all boils down to communication and making an effort even if I’m not 100% into it in the beginning, doesn’t mean I won’t be 100% at the end 🙂

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June, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, is dedicated to Unmasking the Mystery of Chronic Headache Disorders. The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is issued by FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.

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