#MAMBC Migraine & Headache Awareness Month #8: Little Shop of Horrors: “Feed Me, Seymour”: What comfort foods do your reach for when you have a Migraine or Headache attack?

June Migraine awareness month

I have gotten behind on my blogging due to an extended Migraine and family illness, so I am trying to catch up. Due to recent tragic events it is more important than ever to get the word out so that people understand Chronic Migraine Disease.


Cravings are hard to control sometimes when suffering Migraine Disease. When I can tolerate food it’s for comfort. I try to keep it under control and have a little just to satisfy the need. I often go for salty foods but sometimes I like a little sweet.

My most often craved foods are:

  1. Salty potato chips.
  2. Salty popcorn
  3. PBJ sandwich (natural PB with Blackberry jam on multi grain bread)
  4. Toast with butter and cinnamon sugar (multi grain bread)
  5. Plain pasta with a little bit of butter, garlic and salt
  6. Grilled chicken seasoned with garlic salt
  7. Roasted potato wedges with garlic salt

These are just a few. I might crave chocolate once in a blue moon but not as often as I use to.

Learn more about the MHAM Blog Challenge and 

Other MHAM events by visiting:

2013 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Information Page

June, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, is dedicated to Unmasking the Mystery of Chronic Headache Disorders. The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is issued by FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.


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